Our Team

Elizabeth Teoh, Founder & Artist

Liz started making resin homeware products in March 2020 as a way of coping with the Covid-19 pandemic. She sold her pieces through her Instagram store Mizu Moment (now @peculiarpclr), whilst working full time as an Emerging Solutions Engineer at Salesforce.

Having realised the immense joy of designing and handcrafting homeware, she left her corporate job in May 2021 and now runs PECULIAR full-time as its founder and resident artist.

You’ll often find her scrubbing resin and clay off her hands while sporting a silly smile on her face.

Darren Chye, Co-Founder & Artist

Darren was unwittingly roped into Liz’s homeware journey when she began splattering resin all over their then-new IKEA dining table (they’ve since gotten a new table, much to Darren’s relief).

He’s established himself as a contributing artist and is responsible for many limited-edition designs. He’s also responsible for the not-so-fun aspects of the business, like cheering Liz on whenever she's feeling a little discouraged. Liz is eternally grateful for his love, support and artistic eye.


Taka is Liz’s and Darren’s rescue dog. He doesn’t really do much, apart from eat, sleep and look stern.


PECULIAR works with a small team of glassblowers based in Tianjin, China, to create its glassware (all resinware and ceramics are produced in-house). These glassblowers specialise in mouth-blown borosilicate and soda-lime glass products. They are wonderful artisans who are deeply treasured members of the PECULIAR team.