Tanjong Bamboo Serving Tray

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Close your eyes and picture this: you're lounging on a day bed, eyes closed and skin, warm. You hear footsteps approach you and your eyes flutter open, only to be greeted by two glasses of sparkling champagne, served atop a stunning aquamarine-bamboo tray. 

Our gorgeous Tanjong Bamboo Serving Tray pays homage to Singapore’s balmy Tanjong beach, and is best used on a hot summer’s day.

Each piece is carefully handcrafted and thus may contain minor differences and imperfections.

Please note that some resin has flowed off one side of the tray (as seen in the last image.) This minor imperfection has been accounted for in a lower price (U.P. $80.)


25cm x 25cm 

Care & Composition

Bamboo & Resin | Wipe the resin surface with a wet cloth to clean gently. Heat resistant up to 95 degrees celcius. Food safe.